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In Section 1 (i) subsections (a) and (b) and subsection (3) of Section (4) of COREN enabling decree, Council is empowered to determine who are engineering personnel and to register them in their respective registers.

Council has been able to regulate, as contained in its publication CP3, that a person desiring to become a registered Engineering Personnel must, after obtaining the approved/accredited required academic qualification, must have four (4) years post-graduate experience which must be under the supervision of a senior registered Engineer.

Holders of BSc Science + M.Eng. 15 years Post Graduation be considered for registration in Engineers Cadre.

Council believes that the continuing effectiveness of an engineering personnel depends on his contact with a recognized professional society and therefore advises engineering personnel to belong to a recognized professional society.

It must be emphasized that membership of a society does not by itself grant automatic right to registration. Council still needs to satisfy itself that the academic qualification is registrable for the category applied for.

The decree specifies the abbreviation to be used by each cadre as follows:

  • A Registered Engineer shall use the abbreviation "Engr" before his name
  • A Registered Engineering Technologists shall use the abbreviation "Engn. Tech" after his name.
  • A Registered Engineering Technician shall use the abbreviation "Tech" after his name.
  • A Registered Engineering Craftsman shall use his full title "Craftsman" with his trade in bracket under his name.



1.0Requirements for Registration of Consulting Firms


Council is empowered to register Consultancy Firms in the following categories:



This must be owned by a COREN registered Engineer who must be up to date in the payment of his practicing fee

1.2 The firm must be registered by Corporate Affairs Commission with a Certificate of


1.3Documents for submission must include:


(i)Corporate Affairs Form 2 (form of application for registration)

(ii)Brochure of the firm

(iii)CV of owner

(iv)Payment of an appropriate processing fee

(v)Corporate Affairs Form CAC 10 (Annual Returns)

(vi)Completed COREN Firm Application Form



1.4.1To be owned by two or more registered engineers who must be up to date in the payment of their practicing fees.

1.4.2The Firm must be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with Certificate of incorporation.

2.0Documents for submission must include:


(i)(Corporate Affairs Commission Form 2 (Form of application for registration)

(ii)CV of partners

(iii)Payment of the appropriate processing fee

(iv)Deed of Partnership

(v)Corporate Affairs Form CAC 10 (Annual Returns)

(vi)Company Brochure

(vii)Complete COREN Firm Application Form




2.1.0.Directors on the board who are registered Engineers must be shareholders of the firm and hold at least 55% shares.

The registered Engineer(s) must be up to date in the payment of his (their) practicing fees

2.1.1The Firm must be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with Certificate of incorporation.

2.2.Documents for submission must include:


  1. Copy of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Certificate of Incorporation of Firm
  2. Certified true copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association of Firm
  3. Certified true Copy of CAC Form C07
  4. Certified true copy of CAC Form CO2
  5. Copy of current Tax Clearance Certificate
  6. Copy of VAT registration Certificate
  7. Copy of PENCOM registration Certificate
  8. Company’s Profile/Brochure of the Firm
  9. Detailed CV of Partners/Directors endorsed by Proposers who must be ACEN members up to date in practicing fees.
  10. Comprehensive list of staff
  11. Brief description of office
  12. List of office Furniture/Equipment owned/available to the firm
  13. List of office facilities and computer/CAD equipment resources owned/available to the firm
  14. List of specialty software owned/available to the firm
  15. List of ACEN/COREN or other equivalent training courses attended in last 2 years (attach copies of Certificates of Attendance)
  16. List of current Codes of Practice, Design Standards and Specifications owned
  17. Name type of Contract Formats that your Firm has and uses (ICE, NEC, FIDIC, JCT, etc)
  18. Copy of Professional Indemnity Insurance
  19. Copy of Quality Assurance (QA)/Quality Control (QC) Policy Manual
  20. Copy of HSES Policy Manual
  21. Signed statement of compliance with COREN Code of Conduct
  22. Copy of the Firms Business Plan
  23. A copy of COREN Certificate of the Director(s)
  24. Payment of an appropriate application and processing fee

3.0Other Requirements


In addition to the firm having met above requirements for registration, All Directors shall

3.1Demonstrate technical expertise by providing a detailed engineering report (minimum of 2,000 words) of studies, designs and supervision of works carried out under supervision in organisations with the competence to provide such training. Such work experience shall be for a period of not less than five years.

  1. 2Demonstrate experience by the seniority attained and level of responsibility carried in a consulting engineering firm or similar organization. The candidate shall be required to demonstrate that he has been able to lead a project team of reasonable size. Such experience should have been acquired for a period of not less than three years after initial registration with COREN/Recognized Professional bodies. This shall be provided with a Statement of Consultancy Experience signed by the head of a Registered Consulting Firm with COREN and member of ACEN (i.e.: A reference letter from a registered company with COREN and ACEN proposing the company for registration with a copy of the firm’s COREN certificate attached).


  1. 3All firms will apply for renewal of their Firm membership every five years. The application for renewal will be submitted three months before the expiry date of the old firm membership. Any Firm that has stayed off consulting services for a period of five years or more shall be required to re-apply for fresh registration as a consultant.

3.4Also, Expatriate Engineers who are granted provisional registration cannot register a 100% owned Engineering Consulting Firm.

3.5Expatriate Engineers who are registered with COREN and desire to register a Consulting Firm can only do so in Partnership with the Nigerian Engineer.

3.6 The Partnership agreement must have the Nigerian Engineer as the major shareholder (i.e own at least 55% of the shares) while his foreign counterpart holds a minority shareholding.

3.7Consulting firms must indicate that they are consulting firms when registering with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

3.8Memorandum of the Association should be specified that the company is solely in consulting business.


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